Camino de Olympus – The experience beyond the Myth

With “Camino de Olympus: The experience beyond the myth,” we create ten unique tourist products that will give visitors the opportunity to hike on the Mythical mountain, interact with locals and learn about its mythological stories and hidden secrets. Our goal is to provide visitors with an alternative way to experience Mt. Olympus and the surrounding countryside in a slower and more sustainable manner, encouraging them to change the way they
travel and interact with nature.

Poseidon to Zeus

Sail from Thessaloniki to discover the hidden treasures of the Pieria coast, archeological sites, and local legends before ascending to Greece’s highest point and sleeping beneath Zeus’ throne.

Pilgrimage of Olympus

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind trekking challenge that combines mythology, history, nature, and the sea! Then Greece is your place! And specifically, the mythical Olympus is the ideal trekking challenge for you combined with workshops and archaeological sites. Through those 14 days, we will do a real Pilgrimage to the unknown sites of Olympus!

Walking with the Olympian’s Gods

“We have arrived! The first people, after the Gods left.” (Frederic Boissonas 1913). This is the feeling the first climbers experienced when they reach the summit. The goal is to get the awe feeling in every step and not just the summit.

Discover the unknown Olympus

Explore the remotest area of Olympus on your tour. As we make our way across this terrain, we will go by the bivouac mountain refuge and ends up at the Muses Plateau, where we enjoy the astonished scenery of the throne of Zeus and the breathtaking sunrise.

Olympus Retreat

Relax and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience on the outskirts of Olympus. We will have the opportunity to practice yoga in remote locations and online with nature over the course of four days. All of this is perfectly complemented by regional flavors and experiences.

Adventurous Olympus

Learn about and develop your skills in survival, gather the materials you will need to start a fire, gather water and filter it, start a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together, spend the night in a tent or in a shelter that you have prepared, and face your fears by canyoning and paragliding around the legendary Mt Olympus

Wine Cheese and Greek flavours

We are going to travel to Pieria and Imathia, where we will go to wineries that produce exceptional wines and traditional cheese dairies. We will also pick up some therapeutic herbs and get knowledge about the glory of ancient Macedonia.

Olympus Refuge Trail

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind trekking challenge that combines mythology, history, nature, and the sea! Then Greece is your place! And specifically, the mythical Olympus, is the ideal trekking challenge for you.

Cooking like a local

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about Pieria and the traditions involved in the preparation of food, from the finding of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished dish at our table. Nature, man, and creativity become one.

Olympus highlights

How did the ancient Greeks get their clay to use in their pottery? What legend links Enipeas to Apollo and Artemis? What kinds of herbs can be found in Pieria, and what is their typical function? Why is wine particularly revered on Olympus, and what are the steps to making a classic fruit dessert? If you want answers to all of those questions that have been presented above, all you have to do is follow.


The Mediterranean as an innovative, integral and unique destination for Slow Tourism initiatives

Those ten tourist packages have been developed thanks to the financial support of the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme

Most models of tourism in the Mediterranean area are based on mass tourism and follow a fragmented vision of the region as a sum of different markets. Med Pearls aims at internationally positioning the Mediterranean as a unique and integral destination to experience the Med lifestyle through SlowTourism (ST), inviting travellers to discover sustainably and responsibly new destinations while taking time to have direct contact with local communities. The project will deliver a set of 26 new ST products created by local Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and ICT enterprises thanks to financial and technical support called Product Development and Innovation Facilities. The idea is to create similar experiences based on the typology of products and themes agreed among partners, therefore, visitors will live similar experiences, of the same quality, in any of the 13 areas targeted by Med Pearls. The project will address both local and international markets, like the USA, Canada, Northern Europe, Russia or Asia, organising a comprehensive commercialisation and marketing strategy.