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One of the most important streams of Olympus as it is connected with the god of modern music, Orpheus. The river was called Elikonas but nowadays it called Orlias named after Orpheus' screams when Mainades, Muses from Pieria mountain, murdered him in this canyon. After their act, they try to wash their hands in the pure water to atone for their sin, and the river was stained with the blood of Orpheus.

Highlights: The gorge of the god of modern music Orpheus, visit a unique waterfall, Koromilia shelter

Duration of activity: 6 hours with breaks and stops for tours

Distance: 5.2km, one way

Starting point: 310 meters

Highest point: 1100 meters

Positive altitude: 800 meters

Difficulty: 2/5

Child friendly: YES (12+)

We will ascend to a gorge of unique beauty rich in strange trees called arbutus (strawberry trees) next to the stream and we will pass by the unique waterfall of Kokkinos vrachos, where we will have our big stop for a swimming, rest and snack. Continuing we will ascend to the refuge of Koromilia with incredible panoramic view, where we will enjoy our meal in its wonderful cool environment. Our return will be either by car from a dirt road or again by hiking down from the same path.

  • Guided tour during the hiking (history, mythology)
  • Mountain leader
  • Transfer
  • snack pack with sandwich or local delicies
  • water
  • “Full package” includes a meal in the refuge of Koromilia or in a local tavern (main course, salad shared by two, side dishe shared by two)
  • In “Basic package” the meal is excluded
  • Personal expenses and consumption
  • Beverages and alcohol drinks
  • Expenses that may arise due to early departure
  • Gratuites (optional)
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