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“We have arrived! The first people, after the Gods left.” (Frederic Boissonas 1913). This is the feeling the first climbers experienced when they reach the summit. The goal is to get the awe feeling in every step and not just the summit.


Climb Mt Olympus, as we uncover myths, legends, and secrets along the way. Our journey will take us to Petrostrouga, where the glacial formations on the rocks were given their name by shepherds, and the cave of Vassilis Ithakisiou, where a great contemporary painter lived and painted all of his work up to the mountain, as well as other interesting locations. At the end of the day, we'll see Zeus' throne from Skourta summit, stay on the Muses Plateau and search for the rock carving of Zeus' face, take in the stunning sunset near Stefani, and wake up early the next morning to see the unique sunrise from the Prophet Elias chappel!


Day 1

To Litochoro

By train, we'll arrive at Litochoro, the traditional starting point for those seeking to ascend Mount Olympus. Visitors to Litochoro can see the high peaks and the imposing throne of Zeus from this location.

Day 2

Visiting ancient Dion

As the ancient Greeks and Romans did, we will begin our journey to the mythical mountain by visiting the religious capital of the Macedonians, Dion, which is a complex of sanctuaries and temples that are dedicated to the Great Zeus. Following the invigorating guidance that we have been given, we will travel to the river of Orlias and continue our exploration of the Orpheus myth there.
e-bike or Bicycle: 25km
Difficulty: 1/5

Day 3

Litochoro - Boundolas

Our climb will begin at Litochoro and continue along Enipeas. Along the way, we will gain a better understanding of the reason why the vegetation on Mount Olympus does not adhere to the standard sequence but instead gives the impression that it is chaotic.
Distance: 4,8km
Gain altitude: 680m
Difficulty: 1/5

Day 4

Boundolas - Koromilia - Petrostrouga

The route for today will take you through a dense beech forest, yew tree, and pine trees, and it will end at the impressive, centuries old Robola (Bosnian pine trees). The view from the most of it is amazing, and it follows an old path.
In the afternoon, we could go to the cave where the great painter Vasilis Ithakisios lived for more than 20 summers.
Distance: 14km
Gain altitude: 1472m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 5

Petrostrouga - Muses Plateau

Olympus Riviera will draw our attention as we ascend to Muses Plateau, but the ridge leading to Muses Plateau with the Throne of Zeus in the background will captivate us. When we arrive at Muses Plateau, we can take a break and, depending on the weather, climb to Mytikas, Greece's highest point.
Distance: 5,5km
Gain altitude: 834m
Difficulty: 1/5
Climbing activity: 480 meters up and down
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 6

Muses Plateau - Skolio - Refuge A

Today, we'll get up before the sun rises and hike 20 minutes to the Temple of Prophet Elias, where we'll watch the sun rise from the highest temple in the Balkans. Following that, we will take our staff to the second highest summit, see the west side of the mountain, and then proceed to Refuge Agapitos.
Distance: 8,6km
Gain altitude: 580
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 7

Refuge A - Prionia - Litochoro

Our final day on the mountain, and today we will hike along Enipeas gorge as we descend from 2,100 meters to 300 meters! Our final stop will be in Litochoro, where we will enjoy a festive dinner and share stories about our trekking.
Distance: 17,1km
Gain altitude: 483m

Day 8

Litochoro to Thessaloniki

Take the train to Thessaloniki, and from there make your way to the airport. We hope that your time in Greece has provided you with experiences, icons, and feelings that will stay with you forever. We are going to give it our all to make this happen!

  • Transfer by train
  • 6 meals (dinner)
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 6 lunch packs
  • Rent bicycling
  • Guiding to archaeological site of Dion
  • Mountain Leader accompanies the group all the dates
  • Mountain guide for the climbing to Mytikas
  • All the necessary safety equipment for the climbing
  • Map of Olympus
  • Liability coverage
  • Walking poles
  • Alcohol, water, or beverages
  • Early departure cost
  • Mountain rescue cost
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities (optionally)
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