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Meteora means " Be suspended in the middle of the sky", and this is what you will feel this as soon as you are on their rocks and their view will take your breath away!

Pillars of rock rising directly into the sky, living sculptures sculpted by prehistoric rivers and the elements of nature. One of the 18 UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites in Greece. At the same time, these rocky giants are a sacred place with the renowned monasteries hanging on the steep cliffs. How were the monasteries built? How were the materials transported? Monk climbers with pulleys and nets have built everything with their bare hands and they maintain the second largest monastic community of the Orthodox Church in Greece since the 10th century AD.

Profile of the trail

Hiking hours: 4 hours (doesn’t include the time for visiting the monasteries)

Hiking distance: 7 km

Starting point: 310 meters

Highest point: 580 meters

Gain altitude: 410 meters

Our journey starts early in the morning cause we have 2 hours driving from Pieria or 3 hours from Thessaloniki. On our way to Meteora you will have the chance to enjoy the imposing Olympus that will stand in front of us, we will pass through Leptokarya and Platamonas and on our passing from the valley of Tempi we will have our first stop on the 3rd longest river of Greece, Pinios river. Inside the valley we will take a short walk to Pinios and through the suspension bridge we will visit a of Saint Paraskevi. A few words about the legend that connects the river, the history of the area and you will have the opportunity to find some of the most famous traditional fireproof clay utensils. From here we are 1.5 hours away to reach Kalambaka, where the rocks of Meteora stand around us, a short stop for a coffee take away and the necessary renewal and in 10 minutes we will be at the starting point of our route. During our hiking we will have the chance for a closest view to those great giants made of sandstone, walking along the dense oak forest, where we will definitely find turtles! We will pass an unknown monastery, of the Assumption of the Lord and we will head to the statue of Vlachava, where we will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique view from the usually invisible side of Meteora. After our short break we will continue in the direction of the Great Meteor, the biggest monastery, that will emerge timidly as we cross the ridge. At this point depending on the opening hours of the monasteries there is the possibility to visit either the Great Meteor or the monastery of Varlaam. The visiting inside the monastery needs about 1 hour. On our way out we will continue the trail hiking down the old path that will lead us to the vineyards and at the starting point. The scenery on this is a bit reminiscent of Game of Thrones. After these 7 kilometers, we can reward ouselves with delicious food in a traditional tavern in Kalambaka

  • Information, history, mythology
  • Mountain leader
  • Transfer
  • snacks and water (sandwich with feta, cucumber, tomato, olive or other traditional small meal eg. pie)
  • In “Full package” meal is included in a local tavern (main course, salad for two people and side dish for two people)
  • Liability coverage
  • The”Basic Package” package does not include the meal in a tavern
  • personal expenses
  • entrance fees for the monastery (3€ / person)
  • Tour guide and guiding inside the monastery
  • beverages and alcohol drinks
  • any costs that may result from early withdrawal from the program
  • gratuities (optional)
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Generally, wear comfortable clothes and have extra pair clothes with you to change where we will stop or after activity. We suggest snicker NO open shoes, and long trouser. Below you can find a suggest list depending on the activity. Do not hesitate to speak with us for an extra consultation.

rain jacket (just in case)
long trouser
extra T-shirt
fleece or pullover
extra dry clothes

one small backpack (15lt)
one flask to fill up fresh water from a spring
personal drugs
poles and carry mat if you have
In case that you need equipment, we will be happy to serve you, just ask!

It is good for the shoe to have a "tractor" sole so that it does not slip. However, you can also come with your snickers, but you should be careful in some wet places or after rain

We will bring for you water and snack, that includes a sandwich with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, or other local snack like pie. Let us know about special dietary needs. Of course, feel free to bring your own favorite snack with you

Our pace is adapted to the average person and can be followed by anyone, even children over 10 years old safely and without resentment. During the excursion we will definitely take some short breaks for photos in the most beautiful places

In the most excursions is permitted to swim on the river. Especially on the excursion of Waterfun and Thermal bath this is the core of the excursion. Restriction is only applying at Enipeas river where is the core of a National Park. The best period for an open cold water is from end of May till end of September, depending on the weather condition also. Thermal baths you can visited all year round and the feeling and the scenery is more beautiful in autumn and wintertime! You choose…

Most of our excursions are suitable all year round. Of course for ski touring we need snow and some other excursion are more enjoyable in spring, summer and autumn

long pants
towel, slippers, bag for the wet clothes
extra clothes
personal medicines
if you are allergic let us know
tell us about a health problem that may affect your activity
dietary preferences (vegeterian, vegan, religious restrictions) in case the trip includes food

Τhe rules by monasteries recommended are long pants for men and a skirt for women. Women can borrow skirts at the entrance of each monastery, which are washed after each use. Unfortunately entry is not allowed without following these measures

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