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If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind trekking challenge that combines mythology, history, nature, and the sea! Then Greece is your place! And specifically, the mythical Olympus, is the ideal trekking challenge for you combined with workshops and archaeological sites. Through those 14 days we will do a real Pilgrimage into the unknown sites of Olympus!


The most difficult trek on mythical Olympus, extended, giving visitors the chance to pass not only all-mountain refuges on Mt. Olympus but also combined with visiting archaeological sites, and hidden gems and getting to know the locals as well as the myths and the history of the region to their fullest potential.


Day 1

Thessaloni by night

The first day will be spent learning about the history of Thessaloniki and discovering why the city does not have a recognizable architectural style but is instead more chaotic. Our tour will be conducted on bicycles, and we will make our way through the areas that are absolute musts. We will spend the evening experiencing the vibrant nightlife that Thessaloniki has to offer.

Day 2


The day is devoted to Litochoro, and activities include being familiar with its history and touring the museum located in the Olympus National Park. You are going to be taken aback by the fact that Litochoro has a longer naval legacy as opposed to a tradition of mountaineering

Day 3

Litochoro - Boundolas - Koromilia - Petrostrouga

Today's route will take you through a dense beech forest, then through the yew trees, and pines, and finally to the imposing centuries-old Robola (Bosnian pine trees). The majority of the route is impressive and follows the same ancient Macedonian path until you reach the Petrostruga mountain refuge.
Distance: 17,9km
Gain altitude: 2146m.
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 4

Petrostrouga - Krevatia

Probably the most impressive path on Mount Olympus, with many changes in vegetation and an unobstructed view of Katerini Plain and the Thermaic Gulf, crossing three impressive streams with crystal clear waters. In the afternoon we may have an optional small walking tour to nearby ponds or the abandoned Byzantine monastery.
Distance: 12,5km
Gain altitude: 450m
Difficulty: 1/5

Day 5

Archeaological site of Dion

The biggest and one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece 1000 square meters in size, this location has a rich history that dates all the way back to the 5th century BC. It was from this location that Alexander the Great launched his campaign against the Persians.

Day 6

Krevatia to Muses Plateau

Olympus Riviera will draw our attention as we ascend to Muses Plateau. We'll be hiking on a ridge with loose stones at the end and no vegetation above 1800 meters. When we arrive at Muses Plateau, we will undoubtedly take a break and drink some beer!
Distance: 8km
Gain altitude: 1800m
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 7

Mytikas - Refuge A

Today, we'll get up before the sun rises and hike 20 minutes to the Temple of Prophet Elias, where we'll watch the sun rise from the highest temple in the Balkans. Following that, we will gather our equipment and begin our ascent to Greece's highest peak. We'll finish the day at Refuge Agapitos for good food and rest.
Distance: 7,1km
Gain altitude: 330
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 8

Refuge A to Christakis bivouac refuge

Begin our trek into the remote area of the mountain on this day. If we're lucky, we'll see wild horses, chamois, and some remaining snow in the alpine scenery! We settle in and have one of the most beautiful nights on the mountain at Christakis bivouac mountain refuge
Distance: 10,6km
Gain altitude: 920m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 9

Christaki - Salatoura - Ktima Bellou

Walking to one of the most breathtaking ridges with a view of the formidable Kazania will be our goal for the day, and we will keep our load light by bringing only the necessities with us. We will start our descent at the rim of Salatoura, and from there, the support cars will drive us to the Ktima Bellou, where we will experience authentic hospitality.
Distance: 12,5km
Gain altitude: 308m
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 10

Hidden gems at West side of Olympus

Right on the borders of Olympus, we will travel to a beautiful sanctuary that is devoted to Apollo as well as several little hermitages that are reminiscent of Meteora! During our time at Ktima Bellou, we will either take part in herbal collecting or a workshop where we make pies.

Day 11

Migkotzidis - Livadaki - Prionia

Our final long hike was in the most remote area of Mount Olympus. On the other hand, we will see the southern part of Mount Olympus and pass through the area where shepherds and rebels once lived. Finally, we'll follow a long-forgotten trail that leads to Prionia! Those who succeed will be treated to a brief celebration in Prionia before being transported to the Boundolas refuge for our final night on the mountain.
Distance: 18,5km
Gain altitude: 1165m
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 12

Boundolas refuge to Litochoro

Our final ascent, which, although long, does not require a lot of effort. On the other hand, we will travel through the most impressive sites in Enipeas, and we will get a close look at a rare plant that survived the ice age. Overnight at the picturesque Platamonas
Distance: 15,8km
Gain altitude: 710m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 13


The southern region of Mount Olympus, the fortress of Platamonas, the archeological site of Livithra, the birthplace of Orpheus, and the traditional stone settlement of Paleo Panteleimon are some of the places that we will have the opportunity to explore today.

Day 14


On the final day of our trip, on the way back to Thessaloniki, we will have the chance to stop in the salt flats of Pydna to watch the birds or to get in touch with and meet the local mussels growers. This will all depend on how much time we have.

  • Transfer by train
  • 11 meals (dinner)
  • 1 festive dinner
  • 1 camping meal prepared by us
  • 13 breakfasts
  • 12 lunch packs
  • 2 Mountain Leader accompanies the group all the dates
  • Mountain guide for the climbing to Mytikas
  • All the necessary safety equipment for the climbing
  • Map of Olympus
  • Liability coverage
  • Tent for 2 persons
  • Personal carry mat
  • All the necessary camping culinary equipment
  • All the local transfers as described
  • Accommodation
  • Sleeping bag (you suggest bringing your own, or you can rent one)
  • Alcohol, water, or beverages
  • Early departure cost
  • Mountain rescue cost
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities (optionally)
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