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If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind trekking challenge that combines mythology, history, nature, and the sea! Then Greece is your place! And specifically, the mythical Olympus, is the ideal trekking challenge for you.

The most challenging expedition on mythical Olympus, travelling through all of Olympus' refuges and collecting the proof stamps in a special passport. One of the three most challenging trekking in Greece.


Day 1

Thessaloniki - Litochoro

We will take the train to the traditional village of Litochoro, the primary entry for people seeking to ascend Mount Olympus. From Litochoro, the visitor may admire the highest point of Greece and the magnificent throne of Zeus. Free time at Litochoro and a briefing for the challenge late in afternoon!

Day 2

Litochoro - Livadaki

Our ascent following the E4 trail for the first meters and after following a forgotten train leading to the first bivouac refuge of Livadaki. From here you have a clear view of the summits and a panoramic view of the Aegean sea!
Distance: 9,6km
Gain altitude: 1845m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 3

Livadaki - Christaki

Our journey for the day takes place in the alpine region of Olympus and goes by the stunning summit of Pagos. From here, we get a panoramic view towards the high peaks of N. Olympus, the plateau of the Muses, the Aegean Sea behind us, and the alpine meadows with wild horses in front of us.
Distance: 14,7km
Gain altitude: 1221m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 4

Christaki - Salatoura - Krevatia

The longest of our courses is also the one that boasts the most stunning features. We will travel across a significant portion of northern Olympus, and our destination will be the Krevatia refuge in northeastern Olympus.
Distance: 24,7km
Gain altitude: 650m
Negative altitude: 2070m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 5

Krevatia - Mouses Plateau

Olympus Riviera will draw our attention as we ascend to Muses Plateau. We'll be hiking on a ridge with loose stones at the end and no vegetation above 1800 meters. When we arrive at Muses Plateau, we will undoubtedly take a break and drink some beer!
Distance: 7,9km
Gain altitude: 1790m
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 6

Muses Plateau - Mytikas - Refuge A

Today, we'll get up before the sun rises and hike 20 minutes to the Temple of Prophet Elias, where we'll watch the sun rise from the highest temple in the Balkans. Following that, we will gather our equipment and begin our ascent to the highest point of Greece, where the Gods used to be gathered! We'll finish our day at Refuge Agapitos with good food and long rest.
Distance: 7,7km
Gain altitude: 450
Difficulty: 3/5

Day 7

Refuge A - Petrstrouga

The route that starts off going downhill and then traverses flat terrain; it is the most relaxed of all the routes in the program. After passing through a section of untouched forest, we will arrive at Petrostrouga refuge, that offers the most spectacular view of both the Aegean Sea and the Olympus Riviera!
Distance: 8km
Gain altitude: 528m
Difficulty: 1/5

Day 8

Petrostrouga - Koromilia refuge

We will have our breakfast and our coffee in the last of the upper mountain refuges of Olympus, and then we will take the path that the ancient Greeks followed to present their offerings to the Gods at the top of Mount Olympus. The only difference is that we will do it in reverse, as we would already give our offers and promises.
Distance: 4,9km
Gain altitude: 38m
Difficulty: 1/5

Day 9

Koromilia - Boundolas refuge

One of our final hikes in the mountain goes through a dense forest with varying types of vegetation, on a trail that is easy and pleasant. Overnight with a festive dinner at one of the most organized mountain refuges with a variety of Greek traditional plates! Today we celebrate our succeed on the challenge and enjoy our last night on the mountain
Distance: 8,5km
Gain altitude: 438m
Difficulty: 2/5

Day 10

Boundolas refuge - Litochoro

Today is our last easy hike; we'll take an unknown trail to Enipeas gorge and arrive in a few hours at Litochoro. We will have time to settle in, refresh ourselves, and have our final dinner on the foothills of Mt Olympus, sharing our experiences from the previous 9 days.
Distance: 5km
Gain altitude: 150m
Difficulty: 1/5

Day 11


Returning to Thessaloniki by train and then to the airport. We hope you leave Greece full of memories, icons, and strong emotions, as well as your personal mountain passport full of stamps and notes!

  • Transfer by train
  • 7 meals (dinner)
  • 1 festive dinner
  • 2 camping meals prepared by us
  • 9 breakfasts
  • 10 lunch packs
  • 2 Mountain Leader accompanies the group all the dates
  • Mountain guide for the climbing to Mytikas
  • All the necessary safety equipment for the climbing
  • Map of Olympus
  • Liability coverage
  • Tent for 2 persons
  • Personal carry mat
  • All the necessary camping culinary equipment
  • All the local transfer as described
  • Sleeping bag (you suggest bringing your own, or you can rent one)
  • Alcohol, water, or beverages
  • Early departure cost
  • Mountain rescue cost
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities (optionally)
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