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A three-day program to familiarization with the villages of Zagori and its wonderful history. We will visit the picturesque village Metsovo, we will walk on the cobbled streets and famous stone bridges of Zagori, and of course we will hike along the Vikos gorge with a local ecologist - biologist to experience the discovery of its special plants. We will experience the hospitality of the place in a traditional house and of course, we will visit the famous ponds at Papingo called "ovires" with the icy waters for swimming and recovery from our walking!

Within 2 days we will visit the most important points of the area and we will experience a special experience with walking in 4 villages, 4 squares, 4 bridges ...



Travel to Zagori

Our trip will start from Thessaloniki in the direction of the picturesque Metsovo with a necessary short stop, we will pass by the lake of Ioannina and as we ascend we will see the lights from Ioannina reflected in the lake. Our stay will be an experience in itself and will take place in an old mansion with modern amenities, in the village of Vitsa

2η ημέρα

4 villages - 4 stone bridges - 4 traditional delicies in each village square

A day dedicated to the acquaintance with the villages of Zagori and their wonderful history. Our route will start from Vitsa and we will visit 4 villages, we will pass through the famous "stairs" of stone cobbled streets that connected the villages of Zagori, in each village we will make a stop. The highlights of today are the visit to the museum of Natural History of Koukouli, analysis of the flora by a specialized biologist resident of the area, tour of the impressive architecture of the famous stone houses of Zagoria. Best of all, the owner and doctor, standing in the cafe of a village, will offer us a tea with local herbs of the area, suitable for the disease or discomfort we may each of us has, a tradition that goes back many years and the inhabitants of Epirus were famous how were the best herbalists, the so-called "Viciatrists", we have only to find out!

Route profile:
Vitsa - Koukouli Kilometer distance: 3.3 km
Gain altitude: 160 meters
Estimated time: 1.5 hours
Koukouli - Gardens Kilometer distance: 2.4 km
Gain altitude: 160 meters
Estimated time: 1 hour Gardens - Dilofo
Kilometer distance: 3.4km
Gain altitude: 870 meters
Estimated time: 2 hours
Dilofo - Vitsa Kilometer distance: 3.5 km
Gain altitude: 260 meters
Estimated time: 1.5 hours

Difficulty: 2/5

Meals: breakfast at the shelter, lunchbox for the day, treats during our activity

Of course we will visit the best place to photograph the impressive gorge of Vikos.


Hiking alogn Vikos gorge

We will walk and cross the deepest gorge in the world (in proportion to its length, according to the Guinness Book). During the crossing we will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful nature and flora that hides this little paradise and we will climb "stairs" stone uphill paths to get to the small Papingo, where we will relax in the waters of Voidomatis in the small ponds "ovires" and if we have time we will enjoy river trout in a local tavern.

Route profile:
Distance: 16km
Gain altitude: 1700 meters
Difficulty: 2/5

  • Information about the flora and fauna of the area, history, mythology
  • Liability coverage for the activity
  • Accompanied by mountain leader and leader of the trip
  • lunch pack for the second and third day
  • treats in every square of the village
  • 2 accommodation in a double room
  • 2 breakfast
  • 1 dinner
  • local transportation by arrangement
  • beverages and soft drinks
  • meals that are not listed
  • personal expenses
  • surcharge for a single room (additional cost of 20€/night)
  • expenses in case of early withdrawal from the program
  • gratuities (optional)
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Generally, wear comfortable clothes and have extra pair clothes with you to change where we will stop or after activity. We suggest snicker NO open shoes, and long trouser. Below you can find a suggest list depending on the activity. Do not hesitate to speak with us for an extra consultation.

rain jacket (just in case)
long trouser
extra T-shirt
fleece or pullover
extra dry clothes

one small backpack (15lt)
one flask to fill up fresh water from a spring
personal drugs
poles and carry mat if you have
In case that you need equipment, we will be happy to serve you, just ask!

It is good for the shoe to have a "tractor" sole so that it does not slip. However, you can also come with your snickers, but you should be careful in some wet places or after rain

We will bring for you water and snack, that includes a sandwich with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, or other local snack like pie. Let us know about special dietary needs. Of course, feel free to bring your own favorite snack with you

Our pace is adapted to the average person and can be followed by anyone, even children over 10 years old safely and without resentment. During the excursion we will definitely take some short breaks for photos in the most beautiful places

In the most excursions is permitted to swim on the river. Especially on the excursion of Waterfun and Thermal bath this is the core of the excursion. Restriction is only applying at Enipeas river where is the core of a National Park. The best period for an open cold water is from end of May till end of September, depending on the weather condition also. Thermal baths you can visited all year round and the feeling and the scenery is more beautiful in autumn and wintertime! You choose…

Most of our excursions are suitable all year round. Of course for ski touring we need snow and some other excursion are more enjoyable in spring, summer and autumn

long pants
towel, slippers, bag for the wet clothes
extra clothes
personal medicines
if you are allergic let us know
tell us about a health problem that may affect your activity
dietary preferences (vegeterian, vegan, religious restrictions) in case the trip includes food

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