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Discover Pindus range with a length of 230km and 70km width at its maximum is the largest mountain range in Greece. It dominates almost all of western Greece and is essentially a continuation of the Illyrian and Dalmatian mountain ranges. All this endless complex of mountains, peaks, plateaus, valleys, and gorges that crosses mainland Greece in a NW-NE direction. Pindus mountain range is divided into smaller mountain ranges and mountains, which are separated by ravines or river valleys. . The most important mountains that make up the North Pindos range are Smolikas, the Athamanika Mountains (Tzoumerka), Grammos, Tymfi (Gamila), Agrafa, Lakmos (Peristeri) and others. Its highest peak belongs to Smolikas and has an altitude of 2,637 meters.


Pindos occupies 68,990 acres and is today a habitat of rare species in Greece and Europe such as the brown bear, the wolf, and the Eurasian otter. It includes two national parks. Pindus National Park (Valia Calda) and the Vikos-Aoos National Park.

Many peaks, permanent and fast torrents, many springs, and mountain lakes. The rocky mountains, covered by extensive coniferous and beech forests and in combination with ravines, small and big rivers, favor the development of many many endemic and rare species of flora. There are also 1700 species and subspecies of plants, among them the endemic plant of the region Centaurea vlachorum.

Discover one of the last unspoiled mountains in Europe. Discover Pindus mountain range!

Within 6 days we will be able to see the most impressive sights, walk to the most important mountains and mountain peaks and get to know the history, tastes, and people of the area. For 6 days we will live as mountaineers!

Join us on this unique adventure in a unique natural landscape with verdant locations, wooded slopes, abundant water, stone houses, authentic people, and traditional flavors!



Metsovo - Vovousa - Arkoudorema

Our meeting will take place in the village of Perivoli and from there with the local guide, particularly knowledgeable of the area and the flora of Valia Calda we will be separated in the cars that will take us through a dirt road to the core of the National Park, Valia Calda. This is where our adventure will begin. The guide will introduce us to the rich flora and fauna of the area, will equip us with information that will help us do our own plant scouting the days after. The trail we will follow is along Arkoudorema from Valia Calda to Vovousa. At the confluence of Aoos with Arkoudorema we will find the beach of Valia Calda where we will have the opportunity to "erase" the kilometers from our feet, in the cold water!
After the activity free time in the village

Route profile:
Kilometer distance: 7km
Starting altitude: 1400 meters
Closing altitude: 1050 meters
Positive altitude: 350 meters
Duration: 5 - 6 hours
Difficulty: 2/5
Meals: welcome dinner at the shelter, lunchbox for the excursion


Waterfalls - Pades village

Today will be relaxing and fun! After waking up in the morning, we will take our breakfast in the enchanting landscape, a short visit to the village for the latest pictures, some suvenirs and on our waty to Pades! On the way, a surprise awaits us, the waterfalls of Heliochori or Balta di Striga, a place unknown to many in pristine nature! We have put it in our checklist and we will enjoy nature and its wonderful waters! From there we will continue for Pades, for lunch and rest in the village square. Our overnight stay will be at Munti Smolikas hostel. Of course, as we will be a small group, we can stop wherever we want to photograph and enjoy the landscape! For food we will have arranged to get a lunchbox from Vovousa

Route profile for the waterfall
Mileage: 2.8 km (total return)
Starting altitude: 948 meters
Lowest point: 760 meters
Positive altitude: 200 meters
Difficulty 2/5
Meals: breakfast in the shelter, lunchbox for the day


Smolikas summit and Zagori

Today our day will start early in the morning, it is "summit day"! We will have our breakfast and coffee and we will be transfered by four wheel drive car through a dirt road at 1900 meters. From there we will need about 45 minutes to 1 hour to get out to the beautiful alpine lake of Smolikas (2160m) with the excepitional "heart" shape. Our guide will enrich the climb with stories and we head to the summit., for those who want, to the top of the second highest mountain in Greece at 2637 meters. The view from here is incredible with the dense mountain peaks of Pindos and the intense relief with ravines, wooded slopes and ridges!
Depending on the conditions we will choose where to enjoy our light meal, either at the top or by the alpine lake. Then we will descend until 1900, from where the off road cars will take us again to Pades. A relaxed coffee or soft drink in the village square and we leave for the central Zagori. Our route will go around Tymfi and we will pass by the north side of the mountain and Konitsa, to see all the grandeur of the mountain and to visit of course the small Papigo for fresh trout and recovery in the "ovires", a complex of small lakes with sequence of small waterfalls and in combination with the dense vegetation of oaks, beeches, maples, hawthorns, lindens and other trees, create a landscape of unique beauty! After food, rest and exploration we will go to Vitsa, a beautiful village in central Zagori, and will settle in the beautiful rooms of the hotel "En Vezitsa", a modern traditional house with a wonderful restaurant with decoration, tastes, smells and mood, authentic hospitable Epirus!

Route profile:
Mileage: 8.5 km (total on return)
Starting altitude: 1900 meters
Highest point: 2637 meters peak Smolika
Positive altitude: 737 meters
Difficulty 2/5
Meals: breakfast in the shelter, lunchbox for the day


4 villages - 4 bridges - 4 local delicies

Today the day is dedicated to the acquaintance with the villages of Zagori and their wonderful history. Our route will start from Vitsa and we will visit 5 villages, we will pass through the famous "stairs" of stone cobbled streets that connected the villages of Zagori, in each village we will make a stop. The highlights of today are the visit to the museum of Natural History of Koukouli, analysis of the flora by a specialized biologist resident of the area, tour of the impressive architecture of the famous stone houses of Zagoria. Best of all, the stop at the cafe of a village, the owner and doctor, will offer us a decoction with local herbs of the area, suitable for the disease or discomfort we may have, a tradition that goes back many years and the inhabitants of Epirus were famous as the best herbalists, the so-called "Viko's doctors", we will find out!
Of course we will visit the best place to photograph the impressive gorge of Vikos. In the afternoon we will take the road to Plikati, one of the northernmost villages of Epirus, at the foot of Grammos and the springs of Aliakmonas!

Route profile:
Vitsa - Cocoon
Kilometer distance: 3.3 km
Positive altitude: 160 meters
Estimated time: 1.5 hours

Cocoon - Gardens
Kilometer distance: 2.4 km
Positive altitude: 160 meters
Estimated time: 1 hour

Gardens - Dilofo
Kilometer distance: 3.4km
Positive altitude: 870 meters
Estimated time: 2 hours

Dilofo - Vitsa
Kilometer distance: 3.5 km
Positive altitude: 260 meters
Estimated time: 1.5 hours

Degree of difficulty: 2/5

Meals: breakfast at the shelter, lunchbox during the day, treats during our activity, dinner at Plikati


Hiking to the highest alpine lake in Greece

Our last and most impressive ascent is to Grammos it will be the harderst of all. Grammos is the 4th highest mountain in Greece with an altitude of the peak of 2520. An incredible complex of peaks and valleys opens in front of us as we ascend. Rich virgin forests, vast meadows alternating with countless mountain peaks and huge valleys with steep ravines. In its forests are hidden bears, deer and wild goat and in the summer the breeders here leave their herds free, but also are hidden remnants of the dark history of Greece, that of the civil war. It will not be just a climb, it is a tribute.
We will pass through the springs of Gorgopotamos which joins the Aoos and flows into the Adriatic and a few meters further we pass to the next valley and the springs of Aliakmonas, the longest river that runs through Greek territory 322 km, starts from Grammos and flows into Aegean. A little further we will reach the top from where from above your gaze can be lost in the north and west in Albania, east to Olympus and south as far as the human eye can see. We continue for another 30 minutes to reach the highest and largest alpine lake in Greece, Gistova. Definitely here we will need a long break for rest, food and strength, our return will be easier as it will be more downhill.
The evening will find us enjoying all the comfort of our guest house, first with a hot bath and then with a nice festive wine dinner and a wonderful sleep in the wooden houses in the tranquility of the mountain.

Route profile:
Kilometer distance: 22km
Starting altitude: 1277 meters
Positive altitude: 1300 meters
Difficulty 4/5
Duration of activity: 9 - 10 hours
Meals: breakfast at the shelter, lunchbox for the day, gala dinner


On our way back....

A trip like it shouldn't end up by driving only. That's why we kept some surpises!
On our return to Thessaloniki first we will visit Lake Moutsalia in Arrenes with the beautiful reflections from the mountain peaks of Grammos! From there we will continue to the enchanting lake of Kastoria, but with a mandatory stop in a hidden gem of Aliakmonas in Nestorio! In Kastoria we will have our time for beautiful traditional food and a walk around the lake and head from there to Thessaloniki with maybe one last stop in Veria for the traditional revani!

  • transfers to and from Thessaloniki
  • 5 nights (on double bed or dormitory on hostel)
  • 5 breakfasts
  • 5 lunch pack
  • the meals as described
  • local transfers
  • local guides and eco-guides
  • guiding
  • group leader
  • Liability coverage for the activity
  • surcharge for single room use (surcharge 25 € / night, it cannot apply at hostel Pades)
  • the meals that not mentioned in the itinerary
  • early departure costs from the program, for any reason
  • activities are not described in the program
  • travel insurance
  • mountain rescue costs (Greek citizens are covered by the Greek state, however we recommend that you have coverage in cooperation with a foreign company)
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Generally, wear comfortable clothes and have extra pair clothes with you to change where we will stop or after activity. We suggest snicker NO open shoes, and long trouser. Below you can find a suggest list depending on the activity. Do not hesitate to speak with us for an extra consultation.

rain jacket (just in case)
long trouser
extra T-shirt
fleece or pullover
extra dry clothes

one small backpack (15lt)
one flask to fill up fresh water from a spring
personal drugs
poles and carry mat if you have
In case that you need equipment, we will be happy to serve you, just ask!

It is good for the shoe to have a "tractor" sole so that it does not slip. However, you can also come with your snickers, but you should be careful in some wet places or after rain

We will bring for you water and snack, that includes a sandwich with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, or other local snack like pie. Let us know about special dietary needs. Of course, feel free to bring your own favorite snack with you

Our pace is adapted to the average person and can be followed by anyone, even children over 10 years old safely and without resentment. During the excursion we will definitely take some short breaks for photos in the most beautiful places

In the most excursions is permitted to swim on the river. Especially on the excursion of Waterfun and Thermal bath this is the core of the excursion. Restriction is only applying at Enipeas river where is the core of a National Park. The best period for an open cold water is from end of May till end of September, depending on the weather condition also. Thermal baths you can visited all year round and the feeling and the scenery is more beautiful in autumn and wintertime! You choose…

Most of our excursions are suitable all year round. Of course for ski touring we need snow and some other excursion are more enjoyable in spring, summer and autumn

long pants
towel, slippers, bag for the wet clothes
extra clothes
personal medicines
if you are allergic let us know
tell us about a health problem that may affect your activity
dietary preferences (vegeterian, vegan, religious restrictions) in case the trip includes food

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