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Learn about and develop your skills in survival, gather the materials you will need to start a fire, gather water and filter it, start a fire by rubbing two pieces of wood together, spend the night in a tent or in a shelter that you have prepared, and face your fears by canyoning and paragliding around the legendary Mt Olympus

Neither you nor anyone else is prepared for his amazing fire-starting abilities that can be achieved by rubbing just a couple of sticks together. It's hard to believe that you can get drinking water from the leaves of trees, or that you can filter mud to get it. When it comes to food, we must learn to appreciate whatever nature provides us with. Nothing should go to waste. Join us for an exciting experience that will change the way you think. Ideal for team building or strengthening family bonds.


Day 1

Date : 19 May 2023

Thessaloniki to Olympus

We will take a private minivan to the mountain refuge of Koromilia at 1100 meters on Mount Olympus. That will be our base for the next three days as we practice survival skills. On the first day, there will be an introductory briefing followed by a short walk to a nearby waterfall.

Day 2

Survival Camp

Soft and hard survival training will begin after breakfast at the lovely shelter. We'll learn the fundamentals, how to prepare, and how to protect ourselves before spending the day in the field.

Day 3

Setting our shelter

Today is focused on improving the survival and camp preparation processes using natural materials. Despite the fact that the day will be long, it will undoubtedly be interesting and productive. Besides, we'll sleep and eat at the camp we'll set up tomorrow.

Day 4


Our day will begin and end at the camp that we have established. It is up to us how comfortable the camp will be, how we will collect and filter water, how we will light a fire, how and where we will cook, and how we will be protected from the elements at night. The night will be spent in tents or in a camp area that we will set up.

Day 5


We will be armed with enough confidence after the unforgettable experience of the previous day and night to enter a gorge for canyoning. A process that necessitates rappelling abilities and discipline. Even the most demanding will be compensated by the unique experience and movement in the gorge with waterfalls, small lakes, and jumps. We will be transferred to Paleos Panteleimon in the evening.

Day 6


Our day will begin with a relaxed tour of old Panteleimon and a unique landscape. We will then be transported to the paragliding runway. A stunning conclusion as we see the entire Olympic coast and Mount Olympus from above! We will have a festive dinner and share our experiences in the evening.

Day 7


All beautiful things must come to an end, but before they do, we will have the opportunity to enjoy our final breakfast in the picturesque village with the panoramic view, and then we will transfer to Thessaloniki's airport.

  • Transfer by minivan with LPG or electrical (depending on the availability)
  • 6 meals (dinner)
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 6 snack pack
  • 1 tour leader
  • All the necessary equipment and materials for the survival camp
  • Trainer for the survival skills
  • Canyoning leader and all the essential equipment
  • Paragliding in a tandem paragliding. Or alternative excursion if someone is not feeling confidence to fly
  • Liability coverage
  • All the local transfers as described
  • Alcohol, water, or beverages
  • Early departure cost
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities (optionally)
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