Discover the hidden gems of the mythical mountain!

It is not a simple hike in Enipeas, it is an acquaintance with the secrets of Olympus! Only if you walk it will you know its beauty. A path with tremendous changes in its flora, landscapes and altitude. The sights that we will see are the waterfall of Letos, the old monastery of Ag. Dionysiou and a plant, a relic of the glacial period, which grows only on Olympus!


Live a full three days on the mythical mountain!

For most of the people visiting the mythical mountain is on the top of their list… Don’t wati for that!  In this three days you will experience somehting unique!

Olympus: Emblematic – Mythical – Unique!

On the foothills of Olympus, in an isolated part of Enipeas, we will awaken our senses with the sounds of the mountain and we will be rejuvenated with Pilates exercises, stretching, and breathing exercises!


A unique combination of mountaineering and then the necessary recovery with breathing and stretching exercises, by the river


Torrents, waterfalls and dense forests of firs, beeches, oaks and chestnuts characterize its eastern slopes and create a unique aesthetic forest.

The day is dedicated to the pleasures that one can find in Pieria. Diving and swimming in the beautiful lake of Agia Kori, small other surprises and our day will end up with a visit to a winery with award-winning organic wines for wine tasting and local dishes!

Enipeas Olympus Lito's waterfall

Do you want to visit the most impressive waterfalls of Olympus in one day? Then this is your program! Get your swimsuit and we’re off!

If the highest peak in Greece is one of your goals and you want to do it in one day, easily and safely, then this is your plan…

Olympus Refuge Petrostrouga

Do you want to walk in the enchanting landscape of Olympus, to meet the centuries-old Bosnian pine trees and enjoy the unique view from the eastern slopes, and gaze at the peaks and the Muses plateau? If you feel enough fit then you can do it one day. Join us in this adventure!

Have you ever visited and hiked the ancient trail that was used by Macedonians to climb on Olympus? Try something different! Walk on the ancient trail, dive in the waterfall of Kokkinos Vrachos, visit the refuge of Koromilia and enjoy the food and the panoramic view of the Pieria coast!


You may have heard so much about the trail that starts from Prionia and ends at refuge A (2100m). It is the busiest trail of Olympus and it is part of the European E4. From 2100m you can gaze at the highest summits of Olympus and the vastness of the Thermaic Gulf. So what do you say? Will you follow?

Do you want to know things about Olympus and the region in a different way? Why not try a beautiful walk in the stone-built alleys of Litochoro, a cafe in the square overlooking the mythical mountain and finally a unique experience, making traditional dishes in landscapes of exceptional beauty