Are you looking for something totally different?

Are you seeking for mountaineering ski, sea, blue sky, amazing sceneries, and great cuisine?

You can find all of this in Southeast Europe! Greece is undoubtedly the ultimate destination for an authentic experience in unspoiled places!

The Northwest part of mountain Olympus is undoubtedly the best choice for skimo. It is the most isolated, remotely, and at the same time the most fascinating part for mountaineering ski!

A unique view unfolds in front of your eyes, as you ascending to reach the summit of Skolio. It is the majestic throne of Zeus with the sea in its background!

Experience a unique adventure and ski with the throne of Zeus and the sea in the background! Enjoy a long weekend ski safari on East Olympus!

A great opportunity to enjoy the ski on its highest mountain, Mount Olympus. Live a unique experience with authentic people, taste the famous Greek cuisine in a welcome environment!

Combine the delightful Pindus mountain and the mythical mount Olympus. Unspoiled places, the highest mountain, ski, sea, and blue sky make Greece a great destination for mountaineering ski.

Experience a special ski safari in South Europe! Get ready for a 10days ski safari in Northern Greece! This is a great opportunity to live a different experience through a ski safari in Greece!

Large areas of woodland with snow-capped peaks, a picturesque view towards the Aegean sea, forest trails and old pathways, fast-flowing rivers crowned with stone bridges, and striking lakes create the ideal setting for having a truly memorable experience during your winter holidays.